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Product support for the Creative Solutions Accounting platform ended on September 30, 2020.

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The staff in charge of the Master Client Data (MCD) and staff members working in the Local Client Data (LCD) can create a transfer file to send to other staff members in the field or back to the MCD. The transfer file is copied to a folder on a shared network location or removable media. The staff in charge or another staff member working in the field can be received back into the Master Client Data (MCD) or Local Client Data (LCD).

Choose Tasks > Send Documents.

  • If you are working in the LCD, you must choose whether you are creating a transfer file for the MCD or another staff in the field from the Transfer File Destination dialog.
  • When sending engagement documents to another staff member in the field, the Workpaper Assignments tab is available to reassign workpapers to selected staff in the field. Workpapers must be unassigned from the current staff before they can be reassigned to another staff member.
  • When creating a transfer file from the Master Client Data (MCD), all workpapers are made available for updating in transfer file with a checkmark on the Workpapers to Send tab of the Send Documents dialog. However, when the Trial Balance is unassigned, the Trial Balance Status checkbox appears grayed in the Send Documents dialog. Click the checkbox to send the document or workpaper as a read-only copy. Documents marked with an will be available to all staff as read-only (not available for editing).
  • The staff member who is assigned to the Trial Balance will receive full access to all Trial Balance functionality in the Local Client Data when it is selected to send from the Master Client data.
  • From the LCD, the Trial Balance can only be sent back to the MCD. It cannot be reassigned or sent to another staff member when working in the field.
  • When workpaper assignments for the engagement documents have already been defined for the selected staff ID in the File > Engagement Properties dialog, those same privileges are automatically carried over to the Send Documents dialog.
  • Each document that has been assigned to specific staff members and are included in a transfer file are locked and made unavailable (grayed in the tree view) from the MCD until after it has been received in the MCD again, or until the checked-out status for that document has been undone via Edit > Undo Checkout in the MCD.
  • Staff members in the field may work on documents assigned specifically to them by the staff in charge in the Engagement Properties dialog. After being received in the field, documents can be reassigned and sent to other staff in the field, as necessary.
  • Due to the size of the transfer file, data cannot be checked in using a 3.5 inch floppy disk or any removable media that does not have a minimum of 5MB of available space.

Special information

  • Staff who are working in the Local Client Data (LCD) can open MS Excel, MS Word, and PDF documents not assigned to them from the Master Client Data (MCD) as read-only. An attempt to make changes and save the read-only workpaper results in a prompt and an alert message.
  • If a staff member sends all documents and workpapers from the Local Client Data to the Master Client Data, the engagement client is removed from the local workstation.
  • The Send procedure from the Master or Local Client Data cannot be completed if outdated workpaper(s) exist in the engagement. See Refreshing engagement documents on demand for details.

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