Workpapers CS Release User Bulletin v.2018.2.0 - June 21, 2018

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  • As part of Thomson Reuters’ ongoing monitoring of security best practices, we’ve made background changes to Workpapers CS to meet new security standards for online connections, such as integration with Onvio and NetClient CS. Details

    Workpapers CS was updated to use Transport Layer Security (TLS) v.1.2. This is a protocol used for encrypting and transmitting data securely when integrating with Thomson Reuters’ web-based products and services. While the update to Workpapers CS v.2018.2.0 will have no impact on functionality or user experience in the application, the update to this particular version of TLS is a recommended best practice by security professionals.

  • We have made the following changes related to reports.
    • We have added the Output with text wrapping checkbox in the Reports tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog. Details

      When this checkbox is marked, the application prints documents with text wrapped onto additional lines if a cell contains text longer than the cell’s width. When this checkbox is not marked, the application prints documents without wrapping text onto additional lines. (Accounting CS Ideas Community #576)

      Note: If you experience issues with unexpected text wrapping when printing to Microsoft Excel, clear this checkbox before you print.

    • When you print reports from the application to Microsoft Excel, cells containing numbers will be automatically formatted as Number cells in Excel. (Accounting CS Ideas Community #2299)
  • We have made enhancements to the File > Transfer Client Information dialog. Details
    • You can now choose All or Selected in the Details column when you are transferring a chart of accounts.
    • We have added the Search field and the Include inactive checkbox in the Selection dialogs for the applicable data types.
  • We have added the View Maintenance dialog in the Workpapers List portlet to select, remove, reorder, and reset columns in the Workpapers List grid.
  • We have added a number of Client Properties variables to the Workpapers CS add-in ribbons in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. (Accounting CS Ideas Community #291 and #843) Details
    The following variables are available in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel when you choose Insert Variable > Text > Client Properties.
    • Email
    • Website
    • Primary Processor ID
    • Primary Processor Name
    • Backup Processor ID
    • Backup Processor Name
    • Reviewer ID
    • Reviewer Name
    • Payroll Signer Name
  • Workpapers CS now honors the print area when you preview or print Excel workpapers. (Accounting CS Ideas Community #1799) Details
    In Excel, you can set up a custom print area, either to force certain information to print on one page or to exclude information from printing. Prior to this update, these settings were ignored by Workpapers CS when the file was previewed or printed.
  • We have standardized the formatting of account grouping subcodes in custom Excel spreadsheets. Details
    Specifically, the left/right-justification of subcodes was inconsistent within custom Excel spreadsheets. Now they are consistently right-justified.

Trial Balance

  • We have added new filter options related to chart of accounts information. Details

    The following filters are now available in the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen, the Actions > Enter Trial Balance screen, and in the Chart of Accounts tab of the Filtering and Sorting section of the report options for account-based reports.

    • Segment 1 Code
    • Segment 2 Code
    • Segment 3 Code
    • Segment 4 Code
    • Segment 5 Code

Report Designer

  • We have added the Firm Account Groupings section of variables in the variable tree.
  • We have added the Created Date variable in the Chart of Accounts Activity > Transaction section of the variable tree.
  • We have added more options for customizing the display of headers and footers in reports. Details

    To further customize the settings for headers and footers in reports, you can choose any of the following new items in the Header field or the Footer field in the Report tab of the File > Page Setup dialog.

    • Print on last page only
    • Print on all but last page
    • Print on last page with alternate on previous pages
    • Do not print

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