Choosing the media type and maximum size for an archive

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Follow these steps to set up archiving in FileCabinet CS.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration.
  2. Click the Archive tab.
  3. Click the Fixed media option or the Removable media option.
  4. Click the Modify button, navigate to the appropriate location, and click OK.

    Note: If you're running FileCabinet CS in the Virtual Office CS or SaaS environment, you can navigate to files on your local network.

  5. If you chose removable media, enter a maximum size for the archive volume.
  6. Click OK.

Archive documents in FileCabinet CS

(approx. 5.5 minutes)


  • During the archiving process, you must specify the media type for the archive data (fixed or removable).
    Fixed media include local and network drives.
    Removable media include data CDs, DVDs, Iomega Zip disks, and USB Flash drives.
  • When using removable media, specify a maximum size for the archive that is no greater than the capacity of the media. A typical writable CD can store up to 650 MB of data. DVDs can store up to 4.7 GB on a single-sided DVD, and 8.5 GB on a double-sided DVD.

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