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The Archive feature allows you to move older, unused documents from FileCabinet CS to another location, such as a network drive. Archived documents are deleted from the associated FileCabinet CS data location. You can view or restore archived documents at any time.

Archive documents in FileCabinet CS

(approx. 5.5 minutes)

  • You can back up documents without deleting them from the current FileCabinet CS data location. For more information, see Backing up drawer data
  • After you start the archive process, you must allow it to run in its entirety.
  • If a document is associated with multiple folders and one or more of those folders meets the criteria for the archive, the document will be archived even if it is associated with a folder that does not meet the archive criteria.
  • If you run FileCabinet CS in Virtual Office CS or SaaS, see Archiving FileCabinet CS data in Virtual Office CS or SaaS.
  1. This process will lock out all other FileCabinet CS users. Verify that no other users are running FileCabinet CS.
  2. If necessary, specify the media type and maximum size for the archive.
  3. Choose File > Archive.
  4. Click the Create archive option.
  5. Click the appropriate options to append the archive to an existing volume or to begin a new archive.
  6. Locate the existing volume or enter information into the available fields, as needed and click the Continue button.
  7. Select the items to include in the archive using the available options. For more information on these options, press F1.
  8. Click the Continue button.
  9. In the left pane, highlight the drawers to be archived and click the Select button to move them to the right pane. For more information on the buttons and controls in this dialog, press F1.
  10. Verify that the correct archive location appears in the Archive location field and click the Modify button to designate the correct location, if necessary.

    Note: If you run FileCabinet CS in Virtual Office CS or SaaS, verify that the archive location is W:\Cabinet_Archive. For more information, see Archiving FileCabinet CS in Virtual Office CS or SaaS.

  11. Click the Archive button.

Allow the archive process to run in its entirety. After the documents for each drawer have been archived to the specified location, the data is deleted from the FileCabinet CS data location and stored only in the archive data location. We recommend that you compact all of your drawers after the archive process is complete. This will maximize the available space in your current data location and will also improve performance. For more information, see Compacting drawer data files.


  • To protect drawer data, FileCabinet CS limits application access to a single user during the archiving process.
  • If all of the documents for a drawer meet the criteria for an archive, the drawer will not be deleted. It will remain in the Drawer list and will contain the Volume icon.
  • Archived documents are read-only documents.
  • Automatic data backups are not archived.

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