Entering drawer passwords

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Password protection allows you to control access to specific drawers. If you assign a password to a drawer, you will need to enter the drawer password whenever you select the drawer for viewing.

Note: To restrict access to a drawer, you must enter a master password.

  1. Select the drawer to which you want to restrict access.
  2. Choose File > Drawer Properties to open the Drawer Properties dialog.
  3. In the Drawer Properties dialog, click the Restrict Access button.
  4. If your security configuration requires it, enter the master password and click the Continue button to enable the fields in this tab.
  5. Mark the Deny access to drawer data unless password is known checkbox.
  6. Enter the password in the Drawer password field and then enter it again in the Verify field.
  7. Optional: You can also mark checkboxes to deny access from other CS Professional Suite applications that are equipped with features for viewing FileCabinet CS documents, to exempt the current drawer from Data Sharing functionality, or to deny other applications from modifying the drawer name.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click OK again to close the Drawer Properties dialog.


  • To remove the password for the open drawer, repeat steps 1 - 3 to return to the Restrict Access dialog and clear the Deny access to drawer data unless password is known checkbox.
  • To change the password for the open drawer, repeat the above procedure, entering the new password in step 6.
  • If you forget the password for a drawer, use the master password when opening the drawer. FileCabinet CS opens the Drawer Password dialog and prompts you to enter a new password for the drawer.

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