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Use the Create Object dialog to create embedded objects for a FileCabinet CS drawer using any application installed on your computer that supports Active Document Interface. Examples of such applications are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

To open this dialog, choose Object > Create New.

Fields & buttons

From the drop-down list, choose the drawer ID or drawer name for the drawer that contains the folders in which you will store the embedded object, or choose <<Select multiple drawers>> to store the embedded object in multiple drawers.

Note: To view drawers by name instead of ID, choose Setup > User Preferences > Drawer List tab, and mark the Present drawers sorted by name checkbox.

Shows all applications installed on your computer that support Active Document Interface. You can embed objects that are created in any of these applications into the storage folders of any FileCabinet CS drawer.

Use this field to enter a name for the embedded object. This name appears in the storage folders in a given drawer. By default, this field contains the name of the object type selected above.

Undo button with a left pointing arrow Click this button to revert to the name originally assigned to the current document, image, or object. This button is enabled only when you have entered a name other than the default name.

Add to list button shows a yellow plus sign Click this button to save the current document, image, or object name to a custom list. See Adding and maintaining document, image, and object names in a custom list for more information about adding names to the custom list.

Mark the checkbox next to each storage folder in which you want to store the embedded object for the selected drawer.

Note: Folders used in the current drawer appear at the top of the folder list, followed by a separator line, and then followed by the list of remaining folders (those not currently used in the drawer).

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