Errors: HTTP errors 0 and 500 occurred

Alerts and notices


You may see this error message when you transmit documents in FileCabinet CS via CS Connect for OCR processing and Document Presentation.

Error message

HTTP Error 0 or 500 occurred


While these errors are typically related to your internet connectivity, you may also receive them if the files that you are trying to transmit are damaged, or if Thomson Reuters is experiencing an outage.


Connectivity issues

Verify that you have a wired broadband internet connection and that the proper firewall configurations and antivirus configurations have been set up for CS Connect and FileCabinet CS. Numerous antivirus packages impose a default size limit for file transfers, which can affect a firm attempting to upload multiple client files at the same time.

See Troubleshooting connection issues for additional steps in verifying your connectivity.

Thomson Reuters outage

Although it's possible for these errors to be caused by an outage at Thomson Reuters, such a situation is rare. The online system status for CS Connect and the FileCabinet CS Alerts & Notices will keep you up to date on any issues we may be experiencing.

Damaged files

If you cannot identify a connectivity issue, there may be one or more damaged files within these folders:

These folders contain the documents that are waiting to be transmitted to or downloaded from CS Connect. With FileCabinet CS closed on all workstations, delete the files in the folders listed above. Reopen FileCabinet CS and try transferring or retrieving again.

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