FileCabinet CS folders overview

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FileCabinet CS stores documents in folders. Folders appear differently in the Folders window depending on the application in which the document was created, and whether you created additional document folders and added documents to them.


  • When you add documents to folders, remember that each document must have a unique name within the drawer, regardless of the folder association. Documents of the same file type with identical names that are stored within the same drawer will be combined into a single document. This can cause confusion when trying to locate similar but separate documents stored in FileCabinet CS. Show me an example.
    Let's assume that for the 2012 tax year, you created a drawer named MILLER123 for your client, James Miller. You then created recurring folders in MILLER123 named <<YYYY>> Source Documents, scanned James Miller's 2012 tax workpapers, named them "Source Documents," and stored them in the 2012 Source Documents folder.

    The following year, you scan James Miller's 2013 tax workpapers. In the Scan Pages dialog, you choose "Source Documents" as the document name, you clear the checkbox for the 2012 Source Documents folder, and you mark the checkbox for the 2013 Source Documents folder. When you next view James Miller's documents in the Folders window, you see the "Source Documents" image group in the 2013 Source Documents folder, but the 2012 tax workpapers now appear to be missing.

    What happened is that when you chose "Source Documents" as the document name for the 2013 tax workpapers, the scanned documents were appended to the Source Documents image group from the previous year. Then, when you chose the 2013 Source Documents folder, the image group containing both sets of workpapers was designated to appear in that folder only. This confusion could be avoided by using unique names when storing James Miller's 2012 and 2013 tax workpapers.
  • Each CS Professional Suite application has its own folder. For example, all documents created for a client through UltraTax CS are stored under the UltraTax CS logo, and all documents created in Fixed Assets CS are stored under that application's logo. If you choose to store a client's tax return in an additional document folder named "2013 Tax Information," that folder appears in the Folders window and also contains the tax return.

Navigating in the Folders window

When you double-click a drawer in the Folders window on the left side of the screen, the folders for the drawer are shown, bearing either the logo of the originating application or the name of the document folder you created. Double-click any of these folders to show the documents they contain. Click any document to view it in the Watch window on the right. To close a folder, double-click it again.

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