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Use this dialog to assign an image file to the selected drawers, to specify a name for the image, to view the size of the image, and to specify document folders in which the image will be stored.

To open this dialog, choose Image > Copy From File, select an image in the Select Images dialog, and click the Select button.

Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key to select multiple images, and then click the Select button.

Fields & buttons

Shows the ID of the drawer (or "multiple" if multiple drawers have been selected) containing the file into which the image will be inserted. To store the image in a different drawer, select a different drawer ID.

Shows the name of the image you selected in the Select Image dialog. To save the image with a different name, enter the new name in this field.

Undo back arrow

Click this button to revert to the name originally assigned to the current document, image, or object. This button is enabled only when you have entered a name other than the default name.

Plus symbol and a pencil

Click this button to save the current document, image, or object name to a custom list. See Adding and maintaining document, image, and object names in a custom list for more information on adding names to the custom list.

Shows the size of the image file.

Mark the checkbox for each document folder in which you want to store the image file. If you do not mark any checkboxes, FileCabinet CS stores the image in the {Not yet filed} folder.

Note: Folders used in the current drawer appear at the top of the folder list, followed by a separator line, and then followed by the list of remaining folders (those not in the current drawer).

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