Find Results dialog

Alerts and notices

This dialog displays the results of a search performed from the Find dialog. Use this dialog to begin a new search, search the results of a previous search, or visit a document listed in a set of search results.

To open this dialog, perform a search from the Find dialog.

Note: The Close button appears as a Stop button while a search is in progress. Click the Stop button to abort the search.

Fields & buttons

Displays the text entered in the Text field of the Find dialog.

Displays search results. All documents or drawers that meet the search criteria appear in this window. Double-click a document to view it in the Watch window.

Click this button to close the Find Results dialog and return to the Find dialog for a new search.

Click this button to search the results of a previous search. FileCabinet CS searches only those documents that passed the previous search. This feature enables you to narrow your search further.

Select a document or drawer from the search results and click this button to view the document or drawer in the Watch window. You can also double-click the document in the Results list. This button is labeled "Visit Document" or "Visit Drawer" depending on the type of results generated by the search.

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