Performing a search

Alerts and notices


During a search, FileCabinet CS searches the following information, based on your selection.

To perform a search, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Edit > Find to open the Find dialog.
  2. Enter the keywords you want to find in the Text field.
  3. Use the Date created drop-down menus to limit your search for items created during the selected time frame.
  4. Click the Find button. (Results appear in the Find Results dialog.)



  • After you click the Find button in the Find dialog, you may be prompted to enter passwords for password-protected drawers. If you click Cancel, FileCabinet CS will not prompt you for the passwords for any of the remaining password-protected drawers. As a result, those drawers will be skipped in the search.
  • The Date created drop-down menu items are only available when the Document creation information (date and user) checkbox is marked in the Fields to search section.

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