Printing documents, images and image groups

Alerts and notices

  1. Highlight the desired drawer by clicking the drawer ID in the Folders window.
  2. Click the Print button Print button to open the Print dialog.
  3. If the printer listed at the top of the dialog is not the printer you want to use, select a different printer. You can also click the FileCabinet CS option to refile documents into FileCabinet CS.
  4. Highlight the documents, images, and/or image groups you want to print.
  5. Click the Select button to move the highlighted items to the Selected documents pane on the right.
  6. Mark the checkboxes for additional options, such as printing in duplex or 2 up modes.
  7. Click the Print button.


  • The Move Up and Move Down buttons can be used to reposition selected documents in the right pane.
  • If a drawer is a member of one or more drawer families, all other member drawers from all families appear in the left pane of the Print dialog. Pages print in the order in which they appear in the right pane. For more information on drawer families, see Creating drawer families.

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