User Preferences / Misc tab

Use the Misc tab to set various application options for the current user. Some of the options you can set in this tab include:

  • automatically accepting printed documents after a countdown,
  • hiding the custom toolbar in Microsoft Office applications,
  • and opening embedded Microsoft Office documents in a separate window.

To open this tab, choose Setup > User Preferences and click the Misc tab.

Note: Highlight an option to see an explanation of that option in the Description pane below the list.

Fields & buttons

Shows the available options. Mark and clear the checkboxes as desired. A description of the highlighted option appears in the Description pane at the bottom of this tab.

Note: The options set here apply only to the current user.

Displays a description of the currently highlighted option.

Note: The options set here apply only to the current user.

Home Page

Enter in this field the number of clients you want to view in the Recent Activity section of the Home Page (up to 15). You can either enter a number, or use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the number of clients to be displayed.

CS Connect communications

This field displays the connection method that CS Connect uses to communicate with the our network of secure data centers, as specified in the CS Connect Communications Setup dialog. To change the type of connection that CS Connect uses, click the Modify button and choose the appropriate options in the CS Connect - Communications Setup dialog.


Click this button to access the Default Annotation Properties dialog where you can set the defaults to be used for each type of annotation.

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