Client Communications dialog [Setup menu]

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Use this dialog to view or edit email addresses assigned to drawers in a specified data location. Drawer email addresses are added automatically when sending documents to email recipients.

Note: You can modify the email addresses that appear in this dialog on a drawer-by-drawer basis in the Drawer Properties dialog.

Fields & buttons

Displays the current data location. If your firm has multiple data locations, and you want to view or edit email addresses for drawers in another data location, choose the desired data location from this field.

Indicates the number of drawers in the current data location.

Displays the drawer ID, drawer name, and email address for all drawers in the current data location. You can enter or edit drawer email addresses in the Email Address column.

To sort the items in the Client Communications grid by drawer ID, drawer name, or email address, click the column headings in the grid. Click a column heading once to sort in ascending order; click the column heading again to sort in descending order.

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