System Configuration / Security tab

Alerts and notices

Use this tab to set security options such as restricting access to the dialog in which you can assign drawer passwords, changing your system configuration, and enabling advanced user/group security settings or enabling standard security settings.

To open this tab, choose Setup > System Configuration.

Note: Depending on your security configuration, you may be prompted to enter the master password before you can open the System Configuration dialog.

For more information on setting security options, see Setting standard security options and Overview of advanced security options.

Fields & buttons

Enter the master password in this field to access security options. There is no master password assigned during the installation of FileCabinet CS. To create or modify the master password, click the Modify button in the Security tab of the System Configuration dialog.

Click this button to open the Modify Master Password dialog, where you can assign or modify a master password.

Standard security

The following fields appear if you are using standard security options.

Shows the security options. Mark and clear the appropriate checkboxes to set up your security configuration. A description of the option that is currently highlighted appears in the box at the bottom of this tab.

Note: If you try to modify the security options before a master password has been assigned, FileCabinet CS will prompt you to assign one.

Provides a description of the option that is highlighted in the list of security options above.

Advanced security

The following fields appear if your firm has enabled advanced security options.

Click this option to assign unknown users to a specified group. Select the appropriate group from the adjacent drop-down list.

When users who have not been assigned to a group open FileCabinet CS, they will be placed in the group you select for this option.

Note: By default, all unknown users are assigned to the $Guests group.

Click this option to restrict access to FileCabinet CS for unknown users. Any user who has not been assigned to a group will not be able to access FileCabinet CS.

Enter assistance information for users in this field. For example, you could enter a name and phone number for users to call if they have questions about their current group and privilege settings. This information will appear in the Details area of the Privilege Details message that appears under the following conditions.

  • When a user attempts to access a restricted area of FileCabinet CS.
  • When the Do not allow unknown users to access FileCabinet CS option has been selected in the Setup > System Configuration > Security tab and an unknown user attempts to open FileCabinet CS.

Click this button to enable standard security features. When standard security is enabled, access to certain areas of FileCabinet CS is controlled with a master password, instead of through the settings that control access when advanced security is enabled.

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