FileCabinet CS Documents / Document Names tab

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Use this tab to confirm the documents and document names to be sent to FileCabinet CS from another CS Professional Suite application.

The FileCabinet CS Documents dialog opens automatically when documents are sent to FileCabinet CS from the Print dialog in another CS Professional Suite application, such as UltraTax CS or Fixed Assets CS. If it is not already open, click the Document Names tab.

When documents are stored from non-CS Professional Suite applications, the FileCabinet CS Driver Documents dialog opens.

Fields & buttons

If your firm uses multiple data locations, you can choose a data location to which the current documents will print from this field.

Note: This field is read only when printing from UltraTax CS or Fixed Assets CS. You can choose the FileCabinet CS data location in the UltraTax CS or Fixed Assets CS Print dialogs prior to printing documents to FileCabinet CS.

Enter a description in the text area, or enter the keywords you would use when performing a search in FileCabinet CS.

Mark this checkbox to have FileCabinet CS add "Copy 2" to the document name to avoid overwriting an item with the same name.

Mark this checkbox to open FileCabinet CS after printing, if it is not already open.

Shows a list of documents you selected to send to FileCabinet CS.

Note: You can clear the checkbox for any document that you do not want to print to FileCabinet CS.

Click OK to accept the name for the selected document, or enter a new name for the document and click OK.

Undo back arrow

Click this button to revert to the name that FileCabinet CS originally assigned to the highlighted document, image, or object. This button is enabled only when you have entered a name other than the default name.

Plus symbol with a pencil

Click this button to save the current document, image, or object name to a custom list. See Adding and maintaining document, image, and object names in a custom list for more information.

Click this button to stop the ten-second countdown when the Automatically accept printed documents after countdown checkbox is marked in FileCabinet CS in the Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab.

Automatic document storage countdown area

This area appears at the bottom of the Document Names tab when the Automatically accept printed documents after countdown checkbox is marked in the Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab. When this option is marked, documents are automatically sent to FileCabinet CS after ten seconds, unless you click the Stop button or you click anywhere else in the dialog.

Note: If FileCabinet CS finds duplicate document names when storing documents, documents are not overwritten. FileCabinet CS assigns a unique name to documents that are sent automatically.

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