Setting up treatments

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To set up treatments, change the treatment columns that are available for data entry in the Depreciation tab of the Asset Detail dialog, or change which reports are available to print, perform the following steps.


  • The treatments you choose apply only to the open client.
  • You can print reports for a treatment only if that treatment is enabled.
  1. Open the desired client.
  2. Choose Setup > Treatments. The Treatments dialog opens.


    • For more information, see Treatments that calculate by default for each entity type.
    • The ACE treatment is not available for 1040 clients.
    • If the checkbox for a treatment is not marked in the Treatments dialog, the associated column either does not appear or is not available on the Depreciation tab and reports associated with this treatment are not available to print.
  3. Perform the following steps to set up one or more treatments.

    Note: The AMT and ACE treatments derive their values from the Tax treatment. You cannot modify these treatments.

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