Using images in Fixed Assets CS

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Acquiring images

Fixed Assets CS can acquire images from any TWAIN or WIA-compliant device (such as a scanner or digital camera) or from a file. Images you may want to acquire for use in Fixed Assets CS include digital pictures of your assets or supporting documents, such as warranty information, purchase orders, insurance documents, or registration forms.

You can acquire the following image types into Fixed Assets CS: BMP, ICO, JFIF, JIF, JPEG, JPG, PBM, PGM, PCD, PCX, PNG, PPM, RAS, TARGA, TGA, TIF, and TIFF.

Images that are acquired are stored in the client's Image Library. You can acquire images from within the Image Library or from within an asset's Asset Detail dialog.

Assigning images to assets

You can assign an image to a single asset through the Image tab in the asset's Asset Detail dialog. Or, you can assign an image to multiple assets through the Edit > Reassign Images dialog.

Note: Multiple images can be assigned to a single asset.

Assigning images to multiple assets

Printing images

You can print the Image Report for a single image or for all of the images that are assigned to an asset. You can customize this worksheet to include a report banner, cost and net book value for any treatment that is being calculated for the asset, and the associations you have defined for this client along with the values entered for the current asset.

Printing the Image Report

Removing images from an asset

Images can be removed from assets through either the Edit > Reassign Images dialog or the Image tab in the asset's Asset Detail dialog.

Removing an image from an asset does not delete the image from the Image Library. (Images can only be deleted from the client through the Image Library.)

Deleting images from a client

Deleting an image automatically removes it from all assets with which it was associated.

Note: If you delete or dispose of an asset, the images that were assigned to the asset are not deleted from the Image Library.

Deleting an image from the current client

Special information

If you cut or copy and then paste an asset within the same client, any images that are assigned to the asset are retained. If the asset is pasted into a different client, the asset's images are added to the new client's Image Library.

If you are cutting or copying an asset and its images from one client to another, the asset and its images must remain in the original client until the asset has been pasted into the new client. That is, if you copy an asset and its images from the original client and then delete the original client, you cannot paste the asset and its images because they no longer exist within the application.

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