Removing images from multiple assets

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See also: Using images in Fixed Assets CS

To remove an image (or images) from multiple assets, perform the following steps.

  1. In the Asset List window, choose Edit > Reassign Images.

    Note: This menu command is available only if there are images in the Image Library. For more information, see Acquiring images for multiple assets.

  2. In the Select Image field, use the drop-down list to choose the image you want to remove from the assets.
  3. In the list of assets, clear the checkbox to the left of each asset from which you want to remove the selected image.

    Note: Use the fields in the Focus group box to limit the assets that are available in the Assets available to assign to the selected image list.

  4. Click the Reassign button.
  5. Fixed Assets CS asks if you want to reassign an additional image. To remove additional images from assets, click Yes and repeat steps 2 - 4. If you are done, click No.

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