Logging status events for a client

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To log status events for the open Fixed Assets CS client, perform the following steps. You can sort client lists in the Open Client and Client Listing dialogs using logged status events and can generate a Client Status History Report that will list the logged events for the selected clients.

  1. Choose File > Open Client and select the client for which you want to log status events.
  2. Choose Utilities > Client Status to open the Client Status dialog.
  3. Click the buttons in the Events list for the events you want to log for the current client. The events you select will appear in the Event History list on the right with the date and time at which it was logged and the user who logged each event.
  4. Once you have logged all desired events for the current client, click Done to close the Client Status dialog.
  • To modify the date and/or time an event was logged, highlight the event in the Event History list, then click the Edit button. Enter the desired date and/or time in the Date and/or Time fields.
  • To remove an event from the Event History list, highlight the event, then click the Delete button.
  • You can use the Discourage Access button (opened from the Setup > System Configuration > Status tab) to configure status warnings for specified status events.

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