Employee Self-Service administration

Alerts and notices

When your firm processes payroll through Accounting CS Payroll, you can enable Employee Self-Service for your clients. Through Employee Self-Service, your clients’ employees can enter time; view check stubs, Forms W-2s, and Forms 1099-MISC (for independent contractors); and update W-4 information through their own personal, private portals.


  • The first time that employees access the W-2 screen on their portals, they will be prompted to give their consent to receive their W-2 forms electronically.
  • Employee Self-Service is a billable module (some exceptions may apply).

Accessing Employee Self-Service through NetClient CS or NetStaff CS

If clients or staff register for Employee Self-Service with the same first name, last name, and email address as a NetClient CS or NetStaff CS portal, NetFirm CS will automatically link the Employee Self-Service portal with the NetClient CS or NetStaff CS portal. When the portals are linked, the user can view Employee Self-Service screens from within NetClient CS or NetStaff CS.

If a client or staff member registers for Employee Self-Service with a first name, last name, or email address that does not match his NetClient CS or NetStaff CS portal, NetFirm CS cannot link the portals automatically. However, you can manually link the portals.

To determine which portals are linked, do one of the following.

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