Adding client portals

Follow these steps to add a client portal and give the client permission to access the appropriate features and modules.

  1. If you have NetClient CS admin rights, click the Admin tab of the navigation pane.
  2. Click the Users link in the NetClient CS section.
  3. Click the Add button at the bottom of the Users list.
  4. In the Add NetClient CS Users dialog, click the method you want to use to create users.
    • Single user - manual notification: You set up the login information and communicate it to the user.
    • Single user - automatic notification: You enter name and email information and the user creates a login and password.
    • Multiple users - automatic notification: Copy name and email information from a spreadsheet and users create their own logins and passwords.


    • If you choose the Multiple users - automatic notification method, see Creating a spreadsheet of new user information for information about setting up a spreadsheet of client information.
    • If you choose the Single user - manual notification method, you must choose a login for the account. This login must be unique; it cannot match the login for any other NetClient CS or NetStaff CS user for any firm.
    • If you choose the Single user - automatic notification method or the Multiple users - automatic notification method, you can require clients to enter the last four digits of their employee identification numbers (EINs) or Social Security numbers (SSNs) when they register their portals.
  5. Give the user access to NetClient CS modules.


  6. Click Enter.

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