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In the File Exchange screen, you will find files such as templates for forecasting, budgeting, and estimating taxes. You can view, download, and print these files at any time.

In addition, you might find files that you will exchange with our firm in this screen. You can download these files to your computer, complete or modify them as necessary, and then upload the updated files to your portal where we can then access them.

For example, if you use CD-based applications such as Client Bookkeeping Solution, Peachtree, QuickBooks, or Business Works, you can exchange bookkeeping data files with us through File Exchange.

In the navigation pane, click the File Exchange link in the Documents section.

If you don't see this link, you don't have access to File Exchange. Show me.

File Exchange

File Exchange folder types

You might see the following types of folders in the File Exchange screen.

Note: If a new file is available in a File Exchange folder, a New indicator appears to the right of both the folder name and the file name. NetClient CS will remove the indicator when you open the file.

Folder type Description
Icon for temporary folder Temporary

In general, File Exchange serves as a temporary storage location for files that we need to pass on to you. Files will remain in temporary folders for 14 days, after which NetClient CS removes them automatically.

A clock appears on the icon for temporary folders. When you open a temporary folder, the application displays in the Expiration date column the date on which each file will be automatically removed.

Icon for permanent folder Permanent NetClient CS does not delete files that are placed in permanent folders. A lock appears on the icon for permanent folders.
Icon for file transfer folder File Transfer

This is a temporary folder that NetClient CS deletes automatically after 30 days. The folder contains one or both of the following types of folders.

  • Icon for file transfer folder Folders to which you can upload files that we requested.
  • Icon for file transfer folder Folders to which we uploaded files for you.

Note: File Transfer folders are created in Practice CS. For more information, see File transfers overview in the Practice CS help.

You can also access secure messages from our staff from within this folder.

Icon for private folder Private Your File Exchange screen may include a Private folder, which is a permanent folder. You can store personal files of any file type in this folder. We are not notified when you place files in this folder.

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