Defining report sets

Follow this procedure to define a report set, which helps you save time if you need to repeatedly print the same set of reports or graphs for your plans.

  1. Choose Reports > Define Report Sets to open the Report Sets dialog.
  2. Click the Add button and enter a name for the new report set in the Name field below the Available Report Sets pane.
  3. In the Available Reports/Graphs pane, highlight the reports or graphs you want included in this report set and click the Select button. You can include standard reports, custom reports, graphs, client letters, an allocations detail statement, and plan comments in your report set. You can select an option in the Show Available group box to limit the items listed in the Available Reports/Graphs pane.

    Note: The reports and graphs will print in the order listed in the Selected Report/Graphs pane. To change the printing order, highlight an item and click the arrow buttons below the pane. (However, you cannot change the collation order of the Plan Comments report; it will remain last in the collation.)

  4. When finished designing the new report set, click the Enter button. The new report set will be displayed in the Available Report Sets pane.
  5. Click the Close button to close the Report Sets dialog.

    Note: When you want to print this report set, select it from the Report Set drop-down list in the Print Reports dialog. For more information, see Printing plan data reports, graphs, and letters.

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