Entering adjustments

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Entering adjustments is quite similar to entering receipts.

Note: Additional information about entering adjustments can be found in the Practice CS Accounts Receivable WalkThrough.

To make adjustments to client balances, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Actions > Receipt & Adjustment Entry (or press CTRL+R) to open the Receipt & Adjustment Entry screen.
  2. If necessary, click the Entry tab.
  3. Click the Adjustments subtab.
  4. Click the Down arrow button button next to the Control Date field and select the appropriate date.
    A control date is a date your firm uses to group items for reporting and reviewing purposes. Your firm may use a different control date for each business day, or a single control date for each week of transactions.
  5. In the Date field, enter a date for the adjustment.
  6. In the Client field, choose the appropriate client from the list. You can begin typing a client ID and the selection will change to match your entry.

    Note: You can either click the Down arrow button button or press F4 to open the drop-down list in this field and similar fields.

  7. In the Type field, choose the type of adjustment. Choices are Credit Card Return (CCR), Credit Memo (CM), Debit Memo (DM), Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), and Write Off (WO).
  8. If applicable, enter a check number or other reference in the Ref Number field.
  9. In the Amount field, enter the amount of the adjustment or use the calculator to input the amount.
  10. Depending on the adjustment type, do one of the following.
    • If the adjustment type is a Credit Memo, Non-Sufficient Funds, or Write Off, the Applied Amounts dialog opens, where you can determine how the adjustment is applied to the client’s invoices. Go to the next step.

      Note: For Non-Sufficient Funds entries, the dialog is called Check Selection.

    • If the adjustment is a credit card refund, the Choose credit card for Client < client ID > dialog opens.
      1. If a credit card is on file, select it from the Choose credit card drop-down list.
      2. If there is no credit card on file, select Manual Entry / Swipe from the drop-down list. When prompted, log in to CS Payment. Enter the credit card information, and click the Continue button. Verify that the information you entered is correct, and click the Submit Payment button. Click the Close button to exit CS Payment.
  11. Adjustments will not be applied to invoices unless you use the Applied Amounts dialog to apply the amounts, as you would with receipts. Click the More More button button next to the Applied field.
  12. In the Applied Amounts dialog, you can use the Applied field to specify amounts to be applied to each outstanding invoice, or click the Auto Apply button to apply the adjustment automatically to the oldest invoices first, moving forward until it has been fully applied or until there are no other invoices to which it can be applied. Click OK when finished. For more information on this dialog, see Using the Applied Amounts dialog.


    • A Debit Memo, which acts as its own invoice, cannot be applied to an existing invoice.
    • Non-Sufficient Funds entries (NSFs) are applied to receipts, not invoices.
    • NSFs can only be applied to receipts that are CHK type and that match the amount of the NSF.
  13. If desired, enter a comment related to the adjustment in the Comment field. You can either click the Comment Comment button button next to the field to open the Comment dialog, or begin typing in the field. When your entry exceeds the length of the field displayed on the Adjustments tab, the Comment dialog opens automatically.

    In the Comment dialog, you can enter whatever text you wish, and select standard text to insert at the cursor’s location. Click the Standard Text field to make a selection. You can also click the Check Spelling button to double-check the text in this dialog. Click OK when finished.

Note: For credit card refunds processed via CS Payment, a status icon appears to the left of the receipt transaction: Accepted icon with dark green circle and checkmark (Accepted), Pending icon with light green circle and checkmark (Pending), or Rejected icon with red square and X (Declined, or Error). Right-click the icon and choose View Results from the context menu for more information. Or, right-click the icon and choose Resubmit Credit Card to try again.

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