Firm setup overview

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Use the Firm setup screen to store firm-level address and contact information, terminology, security settings, and information about how the firm manages its practice. If your firm is licensed for add-on modules such as Project Management, Client Management, and/or Staff Management, you can use additional tabs on this screen to administer information related to those modules.

Note: The Firm screen is a user-defined terminology screen. Your firm may refer to it by a different name. Use the Terminology tab of this screen to choose your firm’s own descriptions for certain items in the application. You can see the default names for user-defined items in the application by choosing Help > Enable Default Terminology (or by pressing CTRL+Shift+H).

To open the Firm setup screen, choose Setup > Firm.


On the Main tab, enter your firm’s name and EIN/SSN information for the home office.

Contact Info

On the Contact Info tab, enter the firm’s contact, phone, address, and website information.

Note: Contact information for the office you designate as the home office in the Offices setup screen appears in this tab. If you have a single office, you can simply enter and update the information in this tab. Information you enter here will also update the contact information for the designated home office on the Offices setup screen.

See also: Entering firm contact information


Use the Preferences tab to specify the way your firm handles its approval and posting process for time entry, billing, and receipts. You can also enable firm security for Practice CS, allow users’ workstations to remember their logon information, enable integration with other CS Professional Suite applications, specify the default phone number format, and select various client and staff setup options.

See also: Setting up firm preferences

Billing and A/R

Use this tab to choose invoice and statement formats, set the rate for assessing service charges, and enter text for dunning messages and A/R terms.

See also: Setting up firm billing and A/R options


Use the Benefits tab to set up your firm’s holiday schedule for the year and to activate comp time for your firm.

Note: This tab appears only if your firm is licensed for the Staff Management module.

See also: Setting up staff benefits


The Terminology tab lets you choose your firm’s own descriptions for certain items in the application. For example, your firm might use the term "employee" instead of "staff." The first column shows the items that you can change and their default names. For each item that you change, you must enter both a singular and a plural entry.


Note: This tab is available only if you are licensed for the Practice CS Project Management, Client Management, and/or Staff Management module.

Use the Notifications tab of the Firm setup screen to specify how to notify staff when a monitored event takes place. You can select the events to monitor and the staff that should be notified. Notifications can be delivered to specific staff and by staff role. Notifications that you set up here appear in the Staff Dashboard Notifications portlet when the monitored event happens and can be received as Desktop Alerts if User Preferences are set up to do so. To receive desktop alerts, choose Setup > User Preferences, click the System tab, and mark the Enable desktop notifications for monitored events checkbox.

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