Viewing and printing user bulletins

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Product support for ToolBox CS ended on October 31, 2022.

Help & How-To Center content for ToolBox CS may be outdated and is used at your own risk.

See the User bulletins topic to view or print user bulletins for the current product release and for prior releases.

We issue user bulletins to alert you to:

  • new features, enhancements, and issues related to the initial release of the application
  • changes made during updates to the application
  • other information regarding the application

After you install the application or use CS Connect to download and apply updates for the application, the user bulletins topic opens automatically the next time you start the application.

Each bulletin is a separate file in portable document format (PDF) that you can view or print using your browser and Adobe Reader. (You can download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader free of charge from

To view and print user bulletins:

  1. Open the User bulletins topic. (From within the application, choose Help > Bulletins to open the topic.)
  2. To open the bulletin for a specific release version, click the link for that version.
  3. To print the bulletin (or any help topic), use the print features of your browser or press CTRL+P on your keyboard.

Tip: For general information about your CS Professional Suite application, you can view or print the Getting Started guide.

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