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1120S - Common questions

52/53 week year-end

Accumulated adjustments account and depletion

Amending returns

Apportionment information

Built-in gain tax calculation for S Corporations

Capital losses

Casualties or thefts

Changing client entity types

Consolidated return input screen features

Consolidated return preparation - C Corporation

Consolidated return preparation - S Corporation

Consolidated return allocation of member losses and income

Controlled group

Cooperative association

Custom paragraphs

Credits entered in the asset module

Data sharing tips

Defer cancellation of debt income under Section 108(i)

Depreciation and amortization in Form 4562

Disposition of Section 179 assets

Dividends received deduction

Domestic production information for S Corporations

EFT payment options

Electronic filing



Excepted trade or business under Section 163(j)


Financial institution

Form 1120, Page 6

Form 1120-F - Foreign corporation

Form 1120-H - Homeowner's association

Form 1120-IC-DISC - Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation

Form 1120-POL - Political organization

Form 1120-PC - Property and casualty insurance company

Form 1120-REIT - Real estate investment trust

Form 1120-SF - Settlement Funds

Form 1125-E - Compensation of Officers

Form 1139 - Application for refund

Form 2553 - Small business election

Form 3115 - Change in accounting method

Form 3468 - Investment credit

Form 5471 - Foreign corporation information return

Form 5472 - Foreign owned US corporation

Form 6198 - At-risk calculations

Form 8283 - Noncash charitable contributions

Form 8586 - Low income housing

Form 8810 - Passive-loss information

Form 8903 - Domestic production deduction

Form 982 - Reduction of tax attributes

Inventory for Schedule L and Form 1125-A for CS Professional Suite accounting application users

Net operating loss deduction

Organizer Spreadsheet display options


Partner's basis worksheet

Personal holding company (Schedule PH)

Prior-year installment sales

Qualified real property

Report gain from like-kind exchange on the installment method

Return collation

S Corporation distributions and Section 1368 distribution elections

Sale or disposal of assets

Schedule L calculation

Schedules M-1 and M-2 calculation

Schedule M-1 state returns

Schedule M-3

Shareholder basis calculations

Shareholder termination and qualifying dispositions

Smart data entry

Start-up and organization costs deduction

Tax accrual

Tax Return History Report

Statement items

Tax elections

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