Accessing frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Alerts and notices

This topic provides access to general frequently asked questions (FAQs) and details on accessing FAQs that are specific to federal, state, or property return applications.

Frequently asked questions

To access frequently asked questions for federal UltraTax CS applications, click the appropriate link below.

Tip: To access federal FAQs for the open client, click the Frequently Asked Questions button in the Tax Subject Index dialog.

Many state and property tax applications (but not all of them) include FAQs. To access FAQs for those state and property tax applications that include them, do the following:

  1. From within any state screen or property tax application, press F1.
  2. In the overview topic that opens, click the [Entity] [State] frequently asked questions link at the top of the topic.
  3. In the [Entity] [State] frequently asked questions topic, click the links for the FAQs to view their answers.

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