Excel Export / Import utility for apportionment information overview (1065)

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You can quickly and efficiently export and import apportionment information to and from UltraTax/1065 and a Microsoft Excel workbook. When you export apportionment information from UltraTax/1065, the Excel Export / Import utility creates Excel worksheets for Property, Payroll, and Sales as follows:

The table identifies the UltraTax/1065 Apportionment Information Spreadsheet information that exports to Excel and the Excel worksheet that contains the corresponding information for import into UltraTax/1065.

UltraTax/1065 Apportionment Information Spreadsheet tab Microsoft Excel workbook worksheet
Property Apport Info Property
Payroll Apport Info Payroll
Sales Apport Info Sales


For detailed information about UltraTax/1065 apportionment data entry, see UltraTax/1065 Apportionment procedures and reference information.

Basic procedure for importing and exporting apportionment information

Follow this basic procedure to use the Excel Export / Import utility to export or import apportionment information to and from UltraTax CS.

  1. Export information from UltraTax/1065 to Excel. To import apportionment information from Excel, you must first export the apportionment information from UltraTax/1065 into Excel to create the Excel workbook template. Though not required, you should add the state, city, and other returns to the client prior to export.
  2. Modify and save the Excel workbook. After you generate the Excel workbook, you can modify the worksheets. To modify the worksheets, follow the guidelines in Excel Export / Import Utility guidelines for apportionment information. If you do not plan to import the Excel file back into UltraTax/1065, you can modify the file using Microsoft Excel guidelines.
  3. Import information from the Excel workbook into UltraTax/1065. After you create the Excel workbook and, if necessary, modify the information, you can import the information back into UltraTax/1065.

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