Scheduling client status events

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Complete the following steps to schedule status events for UltraTax CS clients. UltraTax CS will remind you of a scheduled status event if that event meets the criteria designated in the Setup > User Preferences > Tickler tab.

Note: You must create at least one custom status event (using the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab) before you can schedule status events using these steps.

  1. Select Utilities > Client Status to open the Client Status dialog.
  2. Click the Schedule Event tab.
  3. In the client list on the left, highlight the client for whom you want to schedule status event(s).
  4. In the Event list on the right, click the Add button.
  5. Choose a status event for the client from the Event drop-down list. Then, enter the desired date, time, and duration for the event. You may also enter a comment in regards to the scheduled event.

    Note: If the scheduled event is designated as the appointment event, the appointment information you enter here will automatically transfer to Screen Contact. This is a bi-directional transfer, so any appointment information entered in Screen Contact will also automatically appear in the Schedule Event tab. (To designate an event as the appointment event, mark the Appointment Event checkbox in the Office Configuration > Status tab.) This appointment information transfers for 1040 and organizer only.

  6. Press the ENTER key to add the scheduled event to the calendar.
  7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 to schedule additional events for the highlighted client, or repeat steps 3 - 6 to schedule events for other clients.
  8. Click Done to close the Client Status dialog.
  • Click the word Client ID, Name, Entity, or the status event clock icon in the title bar of the list to sort the client listing by that characteristic.
  • Use the Focus group box to limit the clients who appear in the list by entity type and/or preparer/reviewer/staff.
  • You can enter the date manually, or click the calendar icon next to the Date field and use the Calendar dialog to select the date, time, and duration of the event.
  • To review all scheduled events in the Calendar dialog, click the Review Schedule button. Although you cannot enter a scheduled event in this dialog, you can view those that have already been created.
  • For information on UltraTax CS status events, see the list of status events logged by UltraTax CS during processing.

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