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The UltraTax CS client status system is a feature used to track the progress of your clients' returns while processing them during tax season. You can view the progress of all returns at a glance, create comprehensive reports listing detailed status information, identify and avoid delays in processing, and manage your firm's workflow more effectively.

Client status events

The status system uses occurrences or milestones in the tax preparation progress called status events. Some common examples of status events are listed below.

These events fall into two categories: user-defined status events and UltraTax CS status events.

  • UltraTax CS status events are events that are recorded automatically by UltraTax CS, such as client proforma'd, printed return, backed up client, restored client, and so on. UltraTax CS will automatically record approximately 90 different events.
  • User-defined status events are events that you create (using the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab) and use to record the progress of a return or schedule upcoming tasks using the Utilities > Client Status dialog. Some examples of possible user-defined status events are "client interviewed," "applied for extension," or "return completed." You can define up to 50 custom status events.

Note: All user-defined events must be unique. You cannot create a custom status event that exactly matches an event defined by UltraTax CS.

Updating the status of returns

Video overview

The following video outlines the features described below.

The status of your clients' returns is updated both by UltraTax CS (which automatically records events defined by the application) and by your firm, using the custom status events created on the Status tab on the Office Configuration dialog. You can record (or "log") changes in the status of your clients' returns using the Log Event tab, or log status events for several clients at once using the Log Multiple Clients tab. To view the status of your clients' returns, click the Client Profiles link on the UltraTax CS Home Page, or choose Utilities > Client Status and click the At a Glance tab or the Detail tab.

Identifying clients with specific status events

With Data Mining, you can create searches that will identify clients for whom a specific status event was logged or for whom a specific status event was not logged.

Completing Practice CS tasks and projects with status events

If your firm is licensed for the Practice CS Project Management module, you can signal completion of a project or task in Practice CS when you log a user-defined status event for a client in UltraTax CS. To take advantage of this feature, you must enable integration in Practice CS and UltraTax CS. In addition, you must choose the current version of UltraTax CS as the solution and the applicable UltraTax CS status event as the completion event for tasks and projects in Practice CS.

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