Editing a search formula in Data Mining

Alerts and notices

When you select more than one criterion for a search, Data Mining creates a search formula consisting of AND and OR relationships between the criteria. Most Data Mining default search formulas use AND relationships. This means a client's data must contain all the selected criteria for the client to pass the search. Edit the search formula when you need to change the relationships to find two or more types of clients who have some data in common. Follow these steps to change the AND/OR relationships and group the criteria logically for a user-created search.

Note: Predefined searches cannot be modified.

  1. In the Data Mining window, select the database to work in from the Client database drop-down list and then click the Continue (Step 2) button.
  2. In the Print selection group box, select the appropriate report and/or letter, mailing labels, or an export report.
  3. In the Client search/focus group box, click the Add/Modify Searches button.
  4. Highlight the name of the user-created search you want to edit and click the Edit button.
  5. In the Select Search Criteria dialog, click the Edit Formula button.

    Note: The selected search must include two or more criteria for the Edit Formula button to appear. View an example.

  6. To change the relationship between criteria, click a search criterion and drag it to a new location in the AND or OR column, or click the AND or OR option.
  7. Click Done to close the Edit Formula dialog.
  8. Click Done to close the Select Search Criteria dialog.


  • You can see formula changes as they occur in the text displayed at the bottom of the Edit Formula and the Select Search Criteria dialogs.
  • When you click the search criterion description, the other available locations for the criterion in the AND and OR columns will be highlighted in white.

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