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Use this dialog to override the everywhere amount for a specific state's apportionment form. When the amount in the Apportionment spreadsheet's Everywhere / (Override) column does not apply to a particular state, you need to use this dialog to force a different everywhere amount for that state's apportionment form. See Overriding everywhere amounts for apportionment forms for more information.

To open the State Everywhere Force dialog, choose View > Apportionment with an 1120 return open. Then click the State Everywhere Force button button or choose Edit > State Everywhere Force.

Apportionment data entry

  • White fields: UltraTax CS uses the amounts you enter in the white fields in the state, city and other return column(s) as the everywhere amount on that state, city, or other return's apportionment form. If you enter data in a white field, UltraTax CS ignores the corresponding amount that appears in the Apportionment spreadsheet's Everywhere / (Override) column for that state, city or other return only. For additional information on how the white fields on the spreadsheet are combined onto the apportionment forms, click here to view the Apportionment Form Combination Tables guide.
  • Shaded fields: You cannot enter data in the shaded fields in the state, city, and other return column(s). Fields are shaded if (a) there is a statement dialog attached to that component in the Apportionment spreadsheet, or the City and other returns Apportionment spreadsheet or (b) that component is not used on the state, city, or other return's apportionment form.
  • Overriding the Everywhere Amount for all states: You can override the Apportionment spreadsheet's everywhere amount for all states rather than for just a single state.

Dialog components

State Everywhere Force menu

State Everywhere Force toolbar

Spreadsheet columns

  • Component: Lists the most frequently used elements for this factor.
  • State / City / Other return: Use these column(s) to enter everywhere amounts that you want to use for that state, city, or other return. Note that only states, cities, and other returns attached to the current return appear as columns.

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