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This procedure allows you to save time when you enter a new asset by copying an existing asset. It is especially useful if you need to enter several similar assets that vary only slightly or want to see the results of applying different treatments. Assets can be copied within an activity or between different clients and activities. When an asset is copied using the copy-and-paste method described in this procedure, a new asset is created that is identical to the original asset. Assets can be copied in groups of 1,000 or fewer assets. If you attempt to copy more than 1,000 assets at one time, an error message will appear stating that "The maximum number of assets you can cut/copy is 1000". 


  1. Open the Asset List window for an activity.
  2. Select the asset you want to copy.


    • To select a range of assets that are listed consecutively, click the first asset you want to copy, press the SHIFT key, and while continuing to press the SHIFT key, click the last asset you want to copy.
    • To select multiple assets that are not listed consecutively in the Asset List window, select the first asset you want to copy, press and hold the CTRL key, and while continuing to press the CTRL key, click each asset you want to copy.
  3. Choose Edit > Copy Asset.
  4. In the folders block, click the activity folder to which you want to copy the assets.

    Note: If you are copying assets to another client, open that client and click the appropriate activity folder.

  5. Choose Edit > Paste Asset.

If desired, select one of the new assets and click the Modify button to change any of the asset's data.


  • If you copy and paste assets from one client to another, the application automatically sets up any application-defined associations that were used for the asset you are copying.
  • If you copy assets that were part of a mass disposition, the application creates an individual disposition for each asset in the new client or activity. To Recreate the original mass disposition, choose Tasks > Mass Dispositions, select and delete the dispositions that the application created for each asset, and then delete all but one of the mass dispositions.
  • If the numbers assigned to the assets you are moving are already in use in the activity to which they are being added, the lowest available numbers are automatically assigned to the pasted assets. If desired, you can change how assets are automatically numbered.

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