Moving assets

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To move one or more assets between different clients or activities, perform the following steps. When an asset is moved using the cut-and-paste method described in this procedure, a new asset is created that is identical to the original asset and the original asset is deleted.


  • When copying assets between clients, ensure the treatments that are set up in the source client are also set up in the destination client before the asset is pasted into that client. Treatments that are not set up in the destination client will not be copied to that client. See Setting up treatments for details.
  • To create a copy of an asset without deleting the original asset, see Copying assets.
  • To record the movement of an asset from one activity or association to another and allocate current depreciation between the original and new assets, see Transferring one asset or a portion of an asset or Transferring multiple assets simultaneously.
  1. Open the Asset List window for an activity.
  2. In the Asset List window, select the asset or assets you want to move.


    • To select a range of assets that are listed consecutively, click the first asset you want to move, press the SHIFT key, and while continuing to press the SHIFT key, click the last asset you want to move.
    • To select multiple assets that are not listed consecutively in the Asset List window, select the first asset you want to move, press and hold down the CTRL key, and while continuing to press the CTRL key, click the other assets you want to move.
  3. Choose Edit > Copy Asset.
  4. Click OK to confirm deletion of the selected asset.
  5. Open the client and/or activity folder into which you want to move the asset.
  6. Choose Edit > Paste Asset to move the asset.
  7. Open the original client and/or activity folder from which you copied the asset and delete the original asset.


  • If you move assets from one client to another, the application automatically sets up any application-defined associations that were used for the original asset.
  • If you move assets that were part of a mass disposition, the application creates an individual disposition for each asset in the new client or activity. To Recreate the original mass disposition, choose Tasks > Mass Dispositions, select and delete the dispositions that the application created for each asset, and then Recreate the mass disposition.
  • If the numbers assigned to the assets you are moving are already in use in the activity to which you are adding them, the lowest available numbers are automatically assigned to the pasted assets. If desired, you can change how assets are automatically numbered.

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