Interim Closing Annualization menu (1065)

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The menu bar at the top of the Interim Closing Annualization window provides drop-down menus with commands to perform various annualization data-entry tasks.

Menu Function
Annualization Turn on and off the Display All Items option, expand and collapse the input screen folders, open Partner Data Entry, print reports, or exit the Interim Closing Annualization window and return to the current input screen or form or Partner Data Entry.
Edit Perform tasks related to annualization data entry: cut, copy, and paste cell information; apply a percentage of the total to a specific ownership period; delete all information; add, edit, or delete a note; open the Find dialog to search for an item by text; and use the provided calculator.
Options Turn on and off the Display Zeros option.
Help Open the Help & How-To Center to find answers to your UltraTax CS questions, and view current license information.

Note: See Menus and toolbars in UltraTax CS for details about other menus and toolbars in UltraTax CS.

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