Printing Annualization Information Reports for an open client's returns (1065)

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UltraTax CS provides the following options for printing the annualization information report.

  • Include all items or only items with amounts.
  • Include all ownership periods or only a specific ownership period.
  1. Choose View > Interim Closing Annualization to open the Interim Closing Annualization window.

    Note: To open the Interim Closing Annualization window, you must have entered a change of ownership in the Changes of Ownership window in Partner Data Entry for the current client.

  2. From the Interim Closing Annualization menu, choose Annualization > Print Reports.
  3. To print the report to FileCabinet CS in addition to your printer, mark the FileCabinet CS checkbox. This checkbox is available only if you are licensed for and have installed FileCabinet CS.

    Note: To print the report only to FileCabinet CS, clear the Printer checkbox.

  4. In the Print what group box, mark the checkbox for the information you want to include in the report.

    • To include all partners' distributive amounts, including items with no amounts, mark the Include all items checkbox.
    • To include only a specified period in the report, mark the Only for period checkbox, and select the desired period from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Product field, select the application for which you want to print the report.
  6. To print more than one copy, select the desired number in the Copies field.
  7. Click the Print button. (Or to print only to FileCabinet CS, click the To Cabinet button.)

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