1040 Indiana frequently asked questions

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General information

Allocation and apportionment (IT-40PNRA)

County tax (CT-40, CT-40PNR)

Enter a foreign address

Form IT-40RNR (Reciprocal non-resident return, County tax)



Municipal (Tax-exempt) interest

Nonconformity with Internal Revenue Code

Section 179 expense


Automatic taxpayer refund credit for 2022

Credit for taxes paid to other states

Nonrefundable credit - Order used and carryforward

Public School Education Expense credit

Schedule IN-529 - Education Savings Plan Credit


Long-term care policy premiums deduction

Military service deduction

Private or home school deduction

Electronic Filing

State Electronic Filing Guide

Electronic filing - Indiana forms

Electronic filing error codes

Form IN-OPT (Paper filer)

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Withholding - Pass-through Entity (Schedule INK1)

Withholding - W-2/W-2G/1099-R/1099-MISC Detail

Withholding - W2G local withholding


Form IT-40ES Estimate vouchers / Mailing address


Extension overview

Preparing the extension

Forms approval

Viewing forms approval status

Net Operating Loss

Net operating loss (NOL) overview

Net Operating Loss - Current Year Loss

Calculating a current year Indiana NOL

Carrying over a current year NOL

Current year NOL for part-year/nonresident

Ignoring NOL generated in current year when there is taxable income

Net Operating Loss - Deduction for Prior Year Loss

NOL deduction - Applying prior year NOL to current year income

NOL deduction - Taxpayer and spouse amounts

NOL deduction for part-year/nonresidents

Proforma prior year information to current year


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