Transmitting Web Business Organizers

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After assembling Web Business Organizers, you can transmit them to your clients using CS Connect, a communications utility included with UltraTax CS. CS Connect transmits and retrieves Web Business Organizers. The system requirements needed for CS Connect are listed in the CS Connect overview.

Use the following procedure to transmit Web Business Organizers to your clients.

  1. Click the CS Connect button on the toolbar.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. UltraTax CS automatically sets the Web Delivery: Transmit organizers switch to Yes in the Purpose of Connect group box when there are assembled organizers pending.
  4. Click the Web Organizer tab. This dialog allows you to select the clients to whom you want to transmit a Web Business Organizer.
  5. Click the Connect button to transmit the Web Business Organizers. When the organizers are transmitted, the greeting is sent via email to each of your clients instructing them that their Web Business Organizers are available and how to access them.

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