UltraTax CS conversion overview

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The Tax Data Conversion Service converts your firm's data in a competitor program so you can prepare organizers and tax returns in UltraTax CS. Use the information below to familiarize yourself with and start the UltraTax CS conversion process.

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Our Conversion Team performs conversions in a highly secure environment and will only use the data you provide. Data is sent and received only through encrypted portals and once it's converted, we immediately purge the data from our system.


Conversions are done in the order received. We process conversions on a first come, first serve basis. Conversions can take several days to complete so its best you provide your data as soon as possible.

Conversions from competitors become available at different times, typically starting in July. See Available Conversions for details on what is and isn't currently available.

What can you convert?

  • We convert data only for the two most recent tax years.
  • We currently don't convert 706, 709, 2290, or 5500 data .
  • We can't convert all competitor data into UltraTax CS. This is mainly due to differences in detailed data entry within varying products. Carefully review converted data before you process returns.
  • Specific form and schedule data that we convert can vary by program. The Preparing conversions and Post-conversion guides listed below provide detailed lists of what converts for each competitor .
CCH Axcess
GoSystem Tax
Lacerte (Intuit)
ProSeries (Intuit)
ProSystem fx (CCH)

Which year of data should you convert?

UltraTax CS data conversions are designed to convert prior-year information to proforma or roll-over to the upcoming tax year. The preparation status of the 2021 return determines which year of client data you should convert and will fall into one of the following scenarios.

  • Returns not started in the 2021 tax year — Convert 2020 data and proforma to 2021 UltraTax CS.
  • Returns on extension that you're converting before the 2021 conversion release (varies by competitor, see Timing above) — Convert 2020 data and proforma to 2021 UltraTax CS.

    Note: This process allows you to prepare the 2021 return(s) in UltraTax CS and is recommended only for returns that have minimal work completed beyond the extension. You'll need to manually enter the extension information and other return data to prepare the return on extension.

  • Returns on extension that you're converting after the 2021 conversion release (varies by competitor, see Timing above) — Convert 2021 data and restore to 2021 UltraTax CS.
  • Returns completed in the 2021 tax year — Convert 2021 data and proforma to 2022 UltraTax CS (once available).

    Note: If you need to populate other CS Professional Suite applications with client information while awaiting the upcoming release of UltraTax CS, restore the converted data into 2021 UltraTax CS, populate the other application, and delete the restored clients.

Apr-Aug Sep-Nov New version of UltraTax CS released Dec-Mar

Convert 2020 data for 2021 returns not yet started.

Use current version of UltraTax CS to proforma converted prior-year data.

Convert 2021 data to restore in current year or proforma in upcoming release.

Use current version of UltraTax CS to proforma converted prior-year returns or restore converted current-year returns on extension.

Convert prior-year data to proforma in 2022 UltraTax CS.

Use newly-released version of 2022 UltraTax CS to proforma returns completed in 2021 UltraTax CS or converted prior-year competitor data.

Start your conversion

Prepare your data for conversion

Select the application link below for step-by-step instructions to prepare your competitor data for conversion.

Once you've created a zip file, continue to step 2.

Set up the conversion and upload your data

Once your data is prepared:

  1. Go to MyAccount and set up an UltraTax CS conversion.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process and upload your prepared data.
    Note: Depending on your file size and internet connection, it may take longer to upload.

Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email message that the Data Conversion team has received the data. Once the conversion is complete (generally around 5-10 business days) you'll get another email. When that occurs you're ready to move to step 3.

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Restore or proforma data

Once your conversion is complete, you'll receive an email alerting you that the converted data is available. Depending on the option you chose above, proforma the data or restore the data into UltraTax CS.

You can restore or proforma converted data into UltraTax CS; do not use both methods with the same converted data.

Once you've imported data into UltraTax CS, continue to step 4.

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Loading converted data into
firm hosted UltraTax CS

Loading converted data into
Virtual Office or SaaS hosted UltraTax CS

Review converted data

After you've imported your data into UltraTax CS, you should carefully review the data.

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