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UltraTax CS allows you to proforma clients from one year to the next. However, if a client is missing from the proforma screen, the likely cause is either data entry in your prior year client or incorrect data locations. 

Data entry in prior year client

  1. In your prior year client, completing any one of the following fields will prevent the proforma. 
    • Suppress next year's proforma checkbox on the following screens in the General folder. 
      • 1040: Contact screen.
      • 1065: CltOptns screen.
      • 990: OthInfo screen.
      • Other entities: First screen in the General folder.
    • Final return field, for 1120, 1065, and 1041 clients.
    • Date of death field, for 1040 and 709 clients.
  2. If any of the above fields were complete, delete the data entry.
  3. Print preview the return, and reproforma the client. 
  4. Otherwise, check the data locations.

Data locations

  1. Open the prior year version of UltraTax CS.
  2. Go to Setup, then System Configuration.
  3. In the Data Locations tab, check the UltraTax CS data location. 
  4. In the current year of UltraTax CS, go to Utilities, then Proforma. 
  5. Check the location in the Data to proforma box matches the prior year data location. If not, click the Change UltraTax CS Location button and specify the correct location.
  6. On the left, in the Focus box, the following should be selected.
    • The appropriate entity box is selected.
    • Preparer/reviewer/staff field, choose All Preparers.
    • Fiscal year end field, choose All Months.
    • Unmark the Exclude proforma'd clients.
    • If a 706 client, unmark Exclude 706 clients

Additional troubleshooting

If the client is still not showing on your proforma screen complete the below troubleshooting. 

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