Troubleshooting update errors

If your program updates aren't working, try these steps:

  1. You can only use CS Connect to update the annual version, unless you're updating Accounting CS or Workpapers CS. For example, you can use CS Connect to update from Accounting CS version 2018.x.x to 2019.x.x. If you're trying to update from one year to another for FileCabinet CS, Fixed Assets CS, Planner CS, Practice CS, Toolbox CS, or UltraTax CS, you need to download the annual release from
  2. Troubleshoot your CS Connect connection
  3. If you're on a network, have everyone close the application. Then try to update again.
  4. Restart your computer and try to update again with all applications closed on your computer.
  5. Update from another computer on the network.
  6. Delete and reinstall updates
  7. Reboot your server. Then try to update again with all applications closed across the network.
  8. Ask your IT professional to make sure you meet all our system guidelines and requirements:

If an update fails to apply for a specific UltraTax CS federal, state, or city application, for example 1040-US, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the federal or state application.

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