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New (tax) year, new help!

Fixed Assets and UltraTax CS 2023 help is now on Help and Support. We're still moving articles, but you can find most content for the 2023 tax year there. Continue using the Help & How-To Center for tax years 2022 and older.

The UltraTax CS Home Page provides links to frequently used functions and displays information regarding the status of UltraTax CS.

To get to the Home Page, click the Home Page Home Page button button.

You can also change your Home Page settings.

Video overview

The following video outlines the features described in the table below.

Home Page links

Link Description
Alerts Important information relating to UltraTax CS, including IRS alerts. It also contains any reminders that have been set up via the Client Status system
Product News Electronic filing and other news about UltraTax CS
Electronic Filing Live

Status of e-filed returns

eSignature Status Live

Status of eSignature documents

Bank Products Information about electronically filed returns that utilize bank products.
CS Connect Services

Updates that were downloaded and applied via CS Connect Background Services.

UltraTax CS Updates Information about application updates that are available for download. This link displays only if there are available updates.
Recent Activity The most recent client returns your preparers, staff and reviewers have accessed, along with the time spent in each client's record.
Custom Links Icons for all custom URLs or links to local or network files that you set up.
Client Profiles

Displays the list of clients. You can view and edit client information from here, and open clients. See Viewing client information from the UltraTax CS Home Page.

Product Releases Information about upcoming UltraTax CS release dates, as well as a detailed installation history.
Product Information

Information about all UltraTax CS products you're licensed for. It has User Bulletins, walkthrough guides, and a list of available returns, forms, and worksheets.

Data Locations Dsplays all of the data locations you have. You can also click the link to see how many clients are in the data location.
Firm Information

Information about who is using UltraTax CS and what they're doing, breakdowns of clients by entity and employee work, and all the computer hardware details for each person logged in. See Reviewing your firm's workload in UltraTax CS

Forms CS Link to the Forms CS website. Forms CS is the official provider of tax forms, Organizer folders, and envelopes for UltraTax CS.
Welcome to UltraTax CS Descriptions of the information available via the Home Page navigation pane.

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