UltraTax CS release schedule information

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New (tax) year, new help!

Fixed Assets and UltraTax CS 2023 help is now on Help and Support. We're still moving articles, but you can find most content for the 2023 tax year there. Continue using the Help & How-To Center for tax years 2022 and older.

The release date for UltraTax CS 2022 is November 21, 2022.

Many of the forms included in this release are preliminary or prior year versions and are subject to change. As a result, final testing of all federal calculations has not been completed. Therefore, we recommend that, beyond proforma processing and producing client organizers, you do not file actual tax returns with this release. To learn more about forms approval, visit https://cs.thomsonreuters.com/ua/ut/cs_us_en/utwapp/utwapp/viewing-forms-approval-status-home-page.htm.

State releases

Release date: Throughout January, 2023.

Data mining release

Data mining is typically released in the 2022.3.0 update around early to mid-February. For more information, see Data Mining: Release Date.

How to install and update

First, you need to download the program from cs.tr.com/support.downloads.

  • You can do this beginning November 21.
  • You need to log in to access the downloads.
  • For installation instructions, troubleshooting tips, and network or workstation requirements, see the UltraTax CS Installation Toolkit.

Once the program is installed, you will download all future releases and updates through CS Connect. See Downloading and applying updates. You can also turn on automatic updates with CS Connect Background Services.

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