Restore an organizer for a deleted client from Onvio

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If an organizer is sent to Onvio Client Center and completed, but the UltraTax CS client file is deleted, the data in Onvio can be retrieved.

  1. If the client file is available in a prior year of UltraTax CS, proforma it to the current year.
  2. Re-establish the connection to Onvio:
    1. Open the Utilities menu, select Onvio, then select Integration.
    2. Highlight the proforma'd client file and use the Select -> button to choose them.
    3. Check that the Populate Onvio client(s) and contact(s) field is marked. 
    4. Select Continue.
    5. Select Done to close the Integration dialog. 
  3.  Open the Help menu and select Repair.
  4. Highlight the client file.
  5. Select the Complete Questionnaire button.
  6. Close the Repair dialog.
  7. Open CS Connect.
  8. Set Retrieve completed organizers to Yes and select Connect.

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