Upload tax returns, organizer questionnaires, and other items to Onvio

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If you're licensed for Onvio, the following items are available to upload from UltraTax CS to Onvio Documents (for preparers) and Onvio Client Center (for clients):

  • Tax returns (Documents and/or Client Center)
  • Client organizer questionnaires (Client Center)
  • Extensions (Documents)
  • Input screens (Documents)
  • Signed eSignature documents (Documents and/or Client Center)


  1. In UltraTax CS, open the Setup menu and select Office Configuration.
  2. Open the Onvio tab.
  3. Choose Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center from the applicable drop-down lists.


Upload tax returns

Uploading a partial return for a client will overwrite any copy of that year's return that was previously uploaded to Onvio.

  1. With the client's return open in UltraTax CS, open the File menu and select Print Returns.
  2. Select the desired options in this dialog to determine which copies of the return to print, the destinations for each copy, and so on
  3. Use the following processes depending on what you want to upload:

Upload a client organizer (tax questionnaire) to Onvio Client Center

Note: Organizers in Onvio are only available for 1040 clients at this time.
  1. Check that you have entered the firm and client email addresses in the appropriate locations.
  2. Open the File menu and select Print Organizer.
  3. Select the desired options on this dialog to determine the pages included in the tax questionnaire, the status event logged when uploading, and so on. For details, see Assembling and transmitting web client organizers.
  4. Mark the Web: Onvio Client Center option.
    • If you have enabled the eSignature feature, this option is named Web / eSignature: Onvio Client Center.
  5. Select Assemble.
  6. Select OK to close the dialog when the assembly finishes.
  7. Open the Utilities menu and select CS Connect. Check that the Transmit Organizers is marked as Yes.
    • If you have enabled the eSignature feature, this option is named Transmit organizers and eSignature documents.
  8. Select the Web Organizer tab.
  9. Highlight the client whose organizer you just assembled and click the Select button.
  10. Select Call Now to upload the tax questionnaire to Onvio Client Center.

Upload extensions or UltraTax CS input screens

To upload extensions or input screens to your Onvio Documents,

  1. Open the File menu and select Print Extensions or Print Input Screens.
  2. Mark the Onvio Documents checkbox.
  3. Select the To Onvio button.

Upload signed eSignature documents

  1. With the client's return open in UltraTax CS, choose File > Print Returns and generate the web tax return and eSignature package.
  2. Choose Utilities > CS Connect and transmit the return and eSignature package to Onvio.
  3. After you send the tax return to Onvio, copies appear in the following locations:
    • PDF of the client copy of the return is delivered to Onvio Client Center (for your client) and to Onvio Documents (for your firm's staff) simultaneously.
    • PDF of the preparer copy of the return is stored in Onvio Documents, where it is accessible to your firm's staff.

    Onvio also sends automated email notifications to the client when the documents are uploaded to alert them that the tax return is available and that they have an eSignature request pending. If the client hasn't already registered their Onvio account, they will receive a registration email as well.

  4. Once the client completes the eSignature process, retrieve the eSignature package via Utilities > CS Connect. The PDF copies of the signed documents are automatically stored in Onvio Documents (for your firm) and Onvio Client Center (for the client).

Note: If your client loses the eSignature notification email, they can click the eSignature link on the Sign Documents tab in their Client Center to electronically sign Form 8879 for the return.

After upload

Access tax documents or organizers in Onvio

Once you have sent the items to Onvio from UltraTax CS, those items can be accessed as follows.

  • Tax questionnaires: UltraTax CS notifies your client that their tax questionnaire is available in Onvio Client Center via an automated email message. If this is the client's first time accessing the Client Center, UltraTax CS sends a registration message via email as well. Each email message contains a link for the client to register or access the Client Center and log in using their credentials.
  • Client copies of tax documents: UltraTax CS notifies your client that their tax documents are available via an automated email message containing a link to log in to Onvio Client Center.
  • Preparer copies of tax documents: Log in to your Onvio Staff Center account and click Client Documents link to view items uploaded from UltraTax CS. For more information regarding your Onvio Documents, see the Onvio Documents overview.

Retrieve completed organizers to UltraTax CS

  1. Open CS Connect.
  2. Set the Web Delivery: ($) Retrieve completed organizers switch to Yes.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. After the call is complete and you acknowledge the Call Summary dialog, the Web Organizer (Retrieve) dialog opens. All completed web client organizers are automatically retrieved.
Note: For information about who receives Onvio Client Center notifications for completed organizer questionnaires, see Who gets notifications.

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