Including source documents when delivering tax returns to clients

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If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and use it to store scanned images of client source documents, UltraTax CS can include those source documents with the client copy of a tax return when you deliver the return to the client. To do so, complete the one-time setup steps detailed below, then complete the appropriate steps to create and deliver the final tax return via a NetClient CS portal, a PDF file, an email attachment, or by printing on paper.

One-time setup in UltraTax CS

Complete this one-time setup process to configure UltraTax CS to include client's source documents with the tax return when transmitting the return to NetClient CS.

Note: This process applies only to source documents stored as scanned images, not to PDF files. 

  1. Choose Setup > Office Configuration, and then click the FileCabinet CS tab.
  2. In the Include Source documents in client copy of tax return group box, mark the appropriate checkboxes (Web, Email PDF, PDF to File, or Paper) to select the return delivery methods with which you want to include source documents.
  3. To select the FileCabinet CS folder containing the appropriate source documents, do one of the following:
    • If your clients' source documents are stored in the default UltraTax CS folder, mark the Current FYE folder checkbox.
    • If your clients' source documents are stored in a different folder, mark the User-defined folder checkbox, then click the Select Folder button and navigate to the desired FileCabinet CS drawer. Then, click OK to close the Select Folder dialog.
  4. Click OK to close the Office Configuration dialog. UltraTax CS is now configured to include source documents in the client copy of a tax return when you deliver the return via the method(s) selected on the FileCabinet CS tab.


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