Using the Detail tab in the Enter Payables screen

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Use the Detail tab of the Enter Payables screen to enter individual payable and/or credit memo transactions and to add more detail to a payable or credit memo transaction that was entered in the Rapid tab.

  1. Choose Actions > Enter Payables and click the Detail tab.


    • By default, the Detail tab includes only the first 50 transactions. If the client has more than 50 transactions, the application displays a "Results Limited" notation in the upper-left corner of the screen and a Get More Items button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click the Get More Items button to retrieve the next 50 transactions for this client.
    • You can use the search and filter fields in the upper-left corner of the screen to search for a particular transaction or to apply specific filter criteria to the list of transactions. See Searching and filtering data for details.
  2. Select the appropriate client from the client selection field.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Select the transaction type.
  5. Select a vendor from the Vendor ID field. The application automatically enters the vendor name.

    Note: To use the same vendor as the last saved transaction, press TAB (or ENTER, if you marked the Use Enter key to move between fields checkbox in the Setup > User Preferences dialog) without selecting a vendor.

  6. Select the applicable journal and posting period.
  7. Enter the transaction date or click the Drop-down button button in the field and select the date from the onscreen calendar.
  8. If applicable, enter a reference number for the transaction.
  9. Enter the transaction amount or click the Drop-down button button in the field to open the onscreen calculator to calculate the transaction amount.
  10. Select the vendor address (Business, Home, or Other) to use for this transaction (payables only).
  11. If applicable, select a payment term (payables only). Payment terms are set up in the Setup > Firm Information > Payment Terms screen. The application automatically enters the due date based on the payment term settings, but you can override these dates, if necessary.
  12. If applicable, enter a PO number for this transaction (payables only).
  13. Select the applicable AP account.
  14. If applicable, enter memo text to include with the transaction.
  15. In the Distributions tab, select the applicable GL account for each distribution, and then enter the distribution amount. The application automatically calculates the open balance.
  16. If applicable, click the Notes tab and enter any notes about the transaction.
  17. If applicable, attach a PDF, image, or metafile to the transaction.
  18. Click Enter to save the transaction.

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