Moving archives to a new location

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To move your Digita FileCabinet archived data to a new location, such as when you purchase a new server, you must copy each folder and all of its contents. For example, if your archive location is L:\FCSArchive, and you have the folders Volume, Volume.000, Volume.001, and Volume.002 within L:\FCSArchive, you would need to copy the volume folders and all of their contents to the new server.

Once the volume folders have copied, each user can set up Digita FileCabinet to first look for the archive in the new location as follows.

  1. Open Digita FileCabinet and choose Setup > User Preferences.
  2. In the File Locations tab, select the Digita FileCabinet archive data path and click Modify Location.
  3. Set the default path to the location to which you copied the archive (L:\FCSArchive, for example) and click OK.

Note: Each Digita FileCabinet user must perform these steps.

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